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Khinalug language

The Khinalug langauge belongs to the Nakh-Daghestanian family. It is spoken in the mountain village of Khinalug (Khinalyq) of the Quba region of Azerbaijan. In addition to about 1700 inhabitants of the village, there are Khinalug speakers in Azerbaijan and elsewhere, including Russia. Traditionally, Khinalug was included in the Lezgic group but recent scholarship considers it rather a separate branch of Nakh-Daghestanian.

The writing system

Within this project, we have created a writing system for Khinalug based on the official latin-based alphabet of Azerbaijan.


Here you can find texts recorded in 2007 field trip.


We are pleased to offer a 20 min movie about our fieldwork filmed in 2007 trip.


Keyboard layout

We have developed a keyboard layout for Khinalug using the Keyman software by Tavultesoft v. 5.0 and later. We provide a PNG document (see next paragraph for links) that contains the layout and a table of the main key combinations.

If you already have Keyman installed, download the "light" version, [120 Kb].
This archive contains the layout itself (xinalug2.kmp), a diagram that shows the arrangement of keys (xinalug.png), and a brief guide in the MS Word format (Xinalug keyboard 2.0.doc), also available in PDF (Xinalug keyboard 2.0.pdf [100 Kb] ).

If you don't have Keyman installed, download the installer xinalug2-full.exe [2 Mb] which will install both a free version of Keyman (v. and the keyboard layout. If you cannot download .exe files, use the zip archive, [2 Mb].