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A Unicode supporting font is needed to display the language data correctly, including special transcription characters.
Charis SIL and Doulos SIL developed by SIL are recommended. Note that Doulos SIL only includes regular typeface (no bold, no italic).

Charis SIL (version 4.100, official release, supports Unicode 5.0): Charis SIL [zip, 1.85 Mb]
Charis SIL home page:

Doulos SIL (version 4.100, official release, supports Unicode 5.0): Doulos SIL [zip, 750 Kb]
Doulos SIL home page:

There is a legacy non-Unicode TrueType font for Archi. It is only given here for completeness, please don't use it in newly created documents!

Legacy Archi font: Archi.ttf
A modified legacy font (some glyphs have been changed): ArchiSA.ttf

Keyboard layouts

Keyboard layouts allow input of special characters using standard keys or their combinations. We are using Tavultesoft Keyman v6.2 (only the next version, v7.0, is now available on developer's website, and is not free).

If you already have Keyman installed (version 5.0 or higher), you can just download our layouts and install them:
[Archi layout, 20 Kb] [Nganasan layout, 40 Kb] [Khnialug layout with help, 120 Kb] (see also the Alphabets section).

If you don't have Keyman installed, download the installer which will install both a free version of Keyman (v. and the keyboard layout (Archi or Khinalug). If you cannot download .exe files, use the zip archive instead.
[archi2.exe, 2 Mb] [, 2 Mb]
[xinalug2-full.exe, 2 Mb] [, 2 Mb]


RealPlayer is needed to display movies [download RealPlayer v10.5, 12.5 Mb