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Nganasan language

Nganasan is one of Samoyedic languages (Uralic family). Nganasans live in Taimyr Peninsula, beyond the North Polar Circle. There are about 800 Nganasans but the number of speakers does not surpass 200-300 people, mostly aged over 50.

Sample texts

On the «Texts» page you can find sample materials for the on-line corpus of Archi texts. Video and audio recordings are provided with transcripts, interlinear morpheme glossing, Russian translation and glossaries.



A Unicode font is needed to display Nganasan texts correctly. We recommend using Charis SIL or Doulos SIL.

Charis SIL (4.100, official release, supports Unicode 5.0): Charis SIL [zip, 1.85 Mb]
Charis SIL home page:

Doulos SIL (4.100, official release, supports Unicode 5.0): Doulos SIL [zip, 750 Kb]
Doulos SIL home page:

Keyboard layout

A specific keyboard layout can be used to make typing in Nganasan easier. Here you can download a layout for (Tavultesoft) Keyman v5.0 or higher. A description file is provided along with an keyboard image in a .png file: [20 Kb]


RealPlayer is needed to watch the video files [RealPlayer v10.5, 12.5 Mb