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This is the home page of LangueDOC site maintained by a workgroup of linguists for the project of documenting several minority languages of Russia. The project is generously supported by NSF grant #0553546 «Five languages of Eurasia» under the Documenting Endangered Languages Program, and by RFBR grants ╣ 05-06-80351 «Minority languages and cultures: On the verge of extinction» and ╣ 08-06-00345 «Multimedia corpora for endangered languages».

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The language archives are available on our server at


We are pleased to offer a 20 min movie about our fieldwork filmed in 2007 trip to Khinalug.
NB: Now a full-quality version (ca. 1 Gb) is available at LangueDOC server.

Watch also the restored 1971 Kamchatka field trip movie.


31.10.2012: Aleksandr Kibrik is dead.

15.10.2012: Full-size versions of the Khinalug (2007/2008) and Kamchatka (1971/2012) fieldtrip movies are now available from LangueDOC server.

01.04.2009: Uploaded a Fieldworks (FLEx) to ELAN conversion utility, with instructions.

26.03.2009: Two Archi texts uploaded to LangueDOC server: anniversary greetings for Aleksandr Kibrik from Archi.

14.02.2009: Khinalug and Nganasan texts uploaded to LangueDOC server: 16 Khinalug performed texts (+sound), one new spontaneous Khinalug text (+sound, +video), and 14 Nganasan texts (+sound, +video).

05.11.2008: Language Archives server LangueDOC launched in test mode.
The server is powered by Language Archiving Technologies software (Max-Planck Institute, Nijmegen). It is designed to grant storage and on-line access to video, audio and text linguistic data.

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