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Khinalug texts

Materials collected

During the field trip in the summer of 2007 in Khinalug, most of the texts published earlier in 1972 have been re-recorded as read by modern speakers. Some new texts were also recorded, such as a poem "Khinalug" by Rahim Alxas taken from his book; a dialogue on the history of the village; stories about Nasreddin. Those were recorded in both video and audio. In addition, some spontaneous conversations have been recorded (most of them in audio only).

Texts from the publication of 1972

Here you can download the current version of 1972 texts rendered in the new Latin-based orthography, with literal translation into Russian. For some texts, free translation is also provided.
Texts 1–18 [xin-texts.pdf, 210 Kb]

Here is a sample of several texts in ELAN format (with Russian and English translations and interlinear glossing):

Text (EAF) Sound (WAV)
Text 1. Legend of Khinalug [4,5 Mb]
Text 2. Legend of a shepherd [6 Mb]
Text 3. The witch [9 Mb]

Here are also texts 1, 2 and 3 (EAF) in a ZIP archive.

NB: This is a working version of the texts. Please keep an eye on updates.