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Khinalug 2007: Creating a digital portrait of an endangered language

During the 2007 field trip to Khinalug, we took video records of our work.
We are now pleased to offer you a 20 min movie telling about documenting an endangered language. The film presents the major types of our activities: transcribing the texts, recording phonetic samples, checking and recording the dictionary, reconstitution of a dialogue previously recorded on paper only.

The film is available in Russian with Engllish subtitles.

Created by:

Idea — Āleksandr Kibrik
Camera — Danil Svidersky
Montage — Danil Svidersky
with A. Arkhipov, M. Daniel, A. Kibrik
Text read by Aleksandr Kibrik

(in order of appearance)

Khinalug dwellers

Taptyq Bagirov
Vukar Bagirov
Ziyaddin Sharifov
Gülbala Sharifova
Aleddin Babaev
Faxreddin Babaev
Xakim Axmedov

Moscow team

Aleksandr Kibrik
Sandro Kodzasov
Michael Daniel
Alexandre Arkhipov
Danil Svidersky

Download a light version of the movie here [RealVideo, 320x200, 44 Mb]

Download the complete version of the movie (ca. 1 Gb) from the LangueDOC archive server here

(You need to have Java installed. Right-click the .mpeg file in the archive tree then choose "Download". The browser may freeze while downloading, don't close it.)

Find here also the restored 1971 Kamchatka field trip movie (ca. 400 Mb).