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Enets language

Enets is one of Samoyedic languages (Uralic family). The Enets live in Taimyr Peninsula. According to 2002 census, there were about 237 Enets of whom 119 claimed to speak their language.

The texts presented here were recorded in Dudinka in 2006.

Sample texts

On the «Texts» page you can find sample materials for the on-line corpus of Enets texts: transcripts of audio/video recordings provided with English and Russian interlinear morpheme glossing and Russian translation.



A Unicode font is needed to display Enets texts correctly. We recommend using Charis SIL.

Charis SIL (4.100, official release, supports Unicode 5.0): Charis SIL [zip, 1.85 Mb]
Charis SIL home page: