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Archi text corpus


Here is presented a sample of texts collected in Archi in 2006 and 2007. In total, over 50 texts of various genres have been recorded, including stories, conversations, tales, legends and songs. Most of them were recorded in both video and audio.

Two kinds of texts were recorded. First, some 30 previously published (1977) texts were re-recorded in video and audio, read by one of three speakers. (The original recordings do not exist anymore). Second, new texts have been collected, mostly dialogues and stories.


You'll need our stylesheet if you choose to download texts in HTML to your local machine:
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Texts originally published in 1977

Text length in sentences is given in brackets after the text name.
Warning! We are still working on these texts, so they are in no way final versions. Updates will be posted gradually as available.

Text (DOC) Text (HTML) Sound (MP3) Last updated
1. A legend of lovers (41)     24-Dec-2007
2. A rich man and three brothers (v.1) (92)     24-Dec-2007
3. A rich man and three brothers (v.2) (66)     24-Dec-2007
4. Pari Khanum (v.1) (92)     24-Dec-2007
5. Pari Khanum (v.2) (74)     24-Dec-2007
6. Stepdaughter and stepmother (v.1) (90)     24-Dec-2007
7. Stepdaughter and stepmother (v.2) (75)     24-Dec-2007
8. A Beggar (79)     24-Dec-2007
9. Three brothers (61)     24-Dec-2007
10. A man who went to see the world (47)     24-Dec-2007
11. Twins (76) [HTML]   24-Dec-2007
12. Demons come to Ali Ajshat (29) [HTML] [850 Kb] (2006) 24-Dec-2007
13. The child left in Khinaj (32) [HTML]   24-Dec-2007
14. The Wolf, the Bear and the Fox (41) [HTML] [1 Mb]
15. A dispute between Molla Nasreddin and his wife (31)     24-Dec-2007
16. A thief, Molla Nasreddin and his wife (13)     24-Dec-2007
17. Molla Nasreddin falls from his donkey (7)     24-Dec-2007
18. Molla Nasreddin and his mother-in-law (8)     24-Dec-2007
19. Molla Nasreddin counts the stars (4)     24-Dec-2007
20. Molla Nasreddin goes to the baths (9)     24-Dec-2007
21. Two brothers (59)     24-Dec-2007
22. A man from Hocatl (166)     24-Dec-2007
23. The miller (58)     24-Dec-2007
24. A story of a womans' murder (99)     24-Dec-2007
25. Archi children do justice (123)     24-Dec-2007
26. The three thieves (49)     24-Dec-2007
27. The marriage of Husen-Pati (20)     24-Dec-2007
28. How Pati married Shahmir (16)     24-Dec-2007
29. Husband and wife tell about their wedding (23)     24-Dec-2007
30. How I once went to the winter sheep folds (48)     24-Dec-2007
31. Abdulla's story (28)     24-Dec-2007
32. An excursion to Gunib (25)     24-Dec-2007
34. Dialogue of Pati and Mesedu      
39. Mourning for the husband (36)     24-Dec-2007