«Славянские языки и культуры
в современном мире»
Москва, филологический факультет МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова, 24–26 марта 2009 г.

Information Letter

Dear colleagues!

On 24–26 March 2009 the philological faculty of the Moscow Lomonosov State University holds the International scientific symposium «The Slavic languages and cultures in the modern world».

The goal of the symposium is to single out from a wide range of Slavic problematics and to discuss the most burning issues of existence, development and studying of the Slavic languages and cultures, the language policy, the active role of languages and literatures in forming ethnocultural conscience, securing Slavic cultures in the situation of globalization.

The following topics are to be covered:

  1. The linguistic situation and language policy in Slavic countries
  2. Problems of studying and securing traditional Slavic cultures
  3. trends of development and introduction of norms of the Slavic languages Emergence and codification of new literary Slavic languages
  4. Word-formation, grammatical and lexical innovations in the Slavic languages
  5. The Slavic languages in mass media and the Internet
  6. Interrelation of modern Slavic languages with literary-linguistic legacy of the past
  7. Reflection of ethnocultural conscience in the Slavic languages
  8. General and particular trends of development of modern Slavic literatures The role of literary works in developing other kinds of art (cinematography, stage art, etc.)
  9. Studying and teaching of the Slavic languages and cultures in non-Slavic world
  10. Interrelation of philology and history, ethnography, anthropology, cultural studies in studying the Slavic languages and cultures
  11. The modern state of interslavic linguistic, literary and cultural ties

Participation letters are to be sent till 15 September 2008 to 

The Organizing committee reserves the right to choose reports to be included into the programme of the symposium. The theses will be published by the beginning of the symposium.

The working languages of the symposium are all Slavic languages.

The arrangement fee is 500 roubles (or 15 euros).