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MSU-LGCLL:: Papers submitted to QUALICO-94


Papers submitted to QUALICO-94

Andreyev S. and Vislinskaya E. Establishment of Differential Characteristics of Inductive Classes by Means of Discriminant Analysis (on the Material of Poetic Works by English Romanticists)

Agranat T.B. The Develop,ent of Analytism in the Hungarian Declension

Alexeyenko L., Gryaznuchina. The Computer Version of the "Part-of-Speech" Concept

Anoshkina J.G. Morphological Processor for the Russian Language

Arold, Anne. Vergleich von verschiedenen Methoden der Clusteranalyse in Linguistishen Forschungen (Cluster-analyse in der Linguistik)

(Baskevich V.M. Statistical Analysis of Lexical Units in Texts of Different Functional Styles)

Beliaeva L.N. Theoretical Principles of Linguistic Database Design in Natural Language Processing

Benko V. and Kostolansky E. Some Quantitative Data on the Machine-Readable Version of KSSJ

Boroda, Moisey G. Towards the Principles of Segmantation of a Coherent Text

Van den Bosch, Antal; Content, Alain; Daelemans, Walter and De Gelder, Beatrice Analysing Orthographic Depth of Different Languages Using Data-Oriented Algorithms.

Breiter M.A. Length of a Chinese Word in Relation to its other Systemic Features

Budzhak, Svitlana. Variable Rule Analysis of "v/u" Alternation Coustrains in Canadian Ukrainian

Cherneyko L.O. and Dolinsky V.A. "Sud'ba" and "rok". Semantics of Noun as an Object of Conceptual and Quantitative Analysis.

Chizhova L.A. and Shibaeva M.V. Multicomponent Names of International Organizations as Terminological Units

Choudry, Amitav. Models of Bilingual Measurement and their Adaptability in the Indian Context

Darchuk N. The Research of Computer Paradigmatics of the Verb.

Devos, Filip; Van Gyseghem, Nanca; Vanderberghe, Ria and De Caluwe, Rita Modelling Vague Lexical Time Expressions by Means of Fuzzy Set Theory

Dolinsky V.A. Moscow Students' Word Associations

Dolinsky V.A. and Rudakov S. Associative Thesaurus of Syndromes

Domeij, Richard; Hollman, Joachim and Kann, Vigo. Detection of Spelling Errors in Swedish not Usinga Word Listen Clair

Ermolenko G.V. The Problem of Measuring Linguostatistic Pecularities of Author's Speech in Fiction Texts

Enguchart, Chantal and Malvashe, Pierre. Automatic Natural Acquisition of a Terminology

Godbert, Elisabeth and Pasero, Robert. A Logical Representation for the Conceptual Coherence of a Sentence

Gryaznuchina T.A. and Alexeyenko L. Computer Model of the Suffix Zone in Ukranian

Hrebicek, Ludek. The Stairway of Subsustems

Hue, Jean-Fracois. Lexical Constraint Grammars

Hsin-Hsi, Chen and Yue-Shi Lee. Approximate N-Gram Markov Model for Natural Language Generation

Kapitan M.E. From Latin To Modern Romance Languages: Testing Regularities for Words System Features Evolution

Karapetjanc A.M. Affinity of Phonetical and Graphic Representations of the Basic Units of Chinese

(Karimova G.O. An Attempt of Quantitative-Systemic Study of Hyperlexemic Dictionary)

Karpilovs'ka E.A. Correlation Between Mono- and Multy-Dimensional Units Whithin Suffixal Inventory of Modern Ukrainian Language (To the problem of determination of order parameters in language system)

Kazakevich O.A. Minor Languages of Russian on Computer

Klymenko N.F. About Equilibrium in the Morphemic Subsystem of Language

Kolodyazhnaya L.I. The Calculation of Quantitative Characteristics of Philological Dictionaries in UNILEX-D System

Kolodyazhnaya L.I. and Polikarpov A.A. Study of Quantitative Correlations between Stylistics, Grammar and Polysemy of Words (On the Basis of Ozhegov Dictionary)

Kichi, Ejiri Word Frequency Distribution in Japanese Text

(Kretov A.A., Voronina I.E. Linguistic Substantiation of Programme Word Synthesis (Using Data from Russian)

Krylov Y.K. Hurst's Law as a Universal Law of Quantitative Linguistics of a Coherent Tetx

Krytskaya V. Lemmatizator as the Recognizing Word Model

Kuang-Hua, Chen and Hsin-Hsi, Chen. Coprpus-Based Analyses of Adjectives: Automatic Clustering

(Kukushkina O.V. Use of Specialised Dictionary Database for Russian Language Morphology Investigation)

Kuzmin L.A. Correlations Between Semantic, Derivational and Chronological Characteristics of English Adjectives

Ljalkova I. Systematic Characteristics of English Synonyms

Maslov M.U. and Garjaev P.P. Fractal Presentation of Natural Language Texts and Genetic Code

Moscalenko T.A. Quantitative Analysis of Different Levels Lexical Units Distribution in Legislative Texts: Word forms, Lexemes, Hyperlexemes]

Orlov Y.K. The Dynamics of Frequency Structure (Graphic Computer Pattern)

Orlova L. The Inflection of Nouns in the PC Aspect

(Piotrovsky R.G. In Search of Synergetic Mechanisms of Language)

(Pokrovskaya E.A. Database on Russian Synonyms and its Quantitative-Systemic Investigation)

Polikarpov A.A. Evolutionary Aspects of a Language as a Natural Classification System

Rajnova, Dobrina Statistic Simulation of Text with Reference to Dynamics of its Units

Rykov V. Menzerath Law for printed speech

Saukonnen, Pauli Problems in Measuring and Interpreting Linguistic Variation

Savchuk S.O. Stylistic Typology of Texts on the Basic of Quantitative Analysis of Particular Sources of its Content.

Shaikevich A.Y. Lexicostatistical Analysis of Literary Characters (Problems and Approaches)

Shelov S.D. Systematic Arrangement of Terms in the Dictionary: Quantitative Approach to Linearization.

Silnitsky G.G. Synaergetic Generative Grammar

Silnitskaya G. On the Problem of "Syntactic Bifurcation"(Polysemy of the English Infinitive)

Soldatenkova M., Sergutina S. Inter-Level Correlations of Etymological Types of English Verbs

Stepanov A.V. Automatic Typological Analysis of Semitic Morphology

Sun Da Jiang and Tsutsumi, Junya; Tomoaku, Hitta; Kotaro, Ono; Shino, Nobesawa; Nakanishi, Masakazu An Intelligent Chinese Input System Using Statistical Information between Words

Sutcliffe, Richard F.E. and Bronwyn, Slater Disambiguation by Association: Two Algorithms and their Assessment

Sutcliffe, Richard F.E.; O'Sullivan, Donnie; McElligot, Annette Creating a Large Semantic Lexicon for Nouns

Tsutsumi, Junya and Nitta, Tomoaki; Ono, Kotaro; Nobesawa, Shiho; Nakanishi, Masakazu. Multi-Lingual Machine Translation Based on Statistical Information

Tuldava, Juhan. Information Measures of Causality

(Voronina I.E., Kretov A.A., Suvorov A. An Attempt of Automatic Study of Russian Sullabo-Tonic Versification)

Zlatoustova L.V. Typological and Stylistic Characteristics of the Phonetic Word with Examples from some Indo-European Language

(Zubov A.V. Probabilistic-Algorithmic Model of Creating of Russian Verse-Text)