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The resolution at the First All-Russian Conference
of the Proletarian Cultural-Educational organizations
suggested by A. Bogdanov

1) The Art organizes by means of living images social experience not only in the sphere of cognition, but feelings and strivings. Consequently this is the most powerful instrument in the organization of the collectiv forces – the class forces.

2) Proletariat needs in his class Art for organizing his forces in social activity, struggle and construction. The spirit of this Art – working collectivism: it perceives and reflects the world from the point of view of a working collective, expresses the connection of its feelings, its fighting and creative volition.

3) The treasures of old Art must not be accepted passively: in this case the working class would be brought up in the spirit of the culture of the ruling class and therefore in the spirit of the subjection to the way of life which built by the ruling class. Proletariat must take the treasures of old Art  in its critical examination, in its new interpretation, uncovering its latent collectiv basics and its organizational sense. Then it will be the precious heritage for proletariat, his weapon in its struggle against the same old world, which created them, and the weapon for creating the new world. The proletarian critics has to ensure the transfer of this artistic heritage.

4) All organisations, all institutions aim at the development of the new Art and the new criticism must be based on the friendly cooperation for bringing up directly the workers in the spirit of the socialistic ideal.

Adopted unanimously, with one abstention.
20 September 1918.

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