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We want:

1. Make the reality and the wordness the entality of the great I of a person and world.

2. Annihilate the cadaverous substance of reality and the fiery sphere of universe to  transform in Spirit.

3. All means are excused by this Sunny aim. Like a stonemason detonates a rock and crashes stones to extract out of this its diamond heart, we will detonate the immobile idiocy of the past and break usual perception of the material world to extract out of it the new furious-fire non-ordinariness and give the world new sharp-sighted as a lightning Psycho.

4. «I» – «Ego» – Our beginning. «Selfness» – Our ending. «Ego – Selfness» – fiery circle of Psycho, where we are eternal, because Our «I» – is all world, and all world – is Our «I».

5. We are eternal. We are eternal. We are eternal.

6. Everything that were before us, we declare outlaw as non-existing. The world begins by us and of us. The world was as a morgue, but now thanks for us it  takes as a panpsychism. You!.. Kneel and sacrifice themselves to the Great Crazy! To Ecumenical I, shaking the arches with  peals of thunder! Self-ness is borning! Spirituality is borning! Depth-mentality of the Eternity is borning!..

7. We defy doleful dogs howls and robbers, who has plundered thievishly the diadem of the Otherworldly marked the fiery sign of Futurism. The loop on their neck – their flesh and formalism. We, psycho-futurists, are the the single beginning of Universe. We open the gates of panpsychism and so elicit the impossible.

8. We dont afraid to take from the ghouls – «Ego» and «Cubo» – their wordness, because we are creating a miracle: out of the thing-ness and form-ness we are creating the live and rapidly running Spirit, which scintillate, drawing a line along the limits of the limits of worlds. We are eating dirt to force it by the magical method to advance.

9. Elan and mobility of Psycho will be the main element of our creativeness.

10. We struggle against the poverty of mind, dipped into material world, bearers of what  name themselves the «futurists» and, done blatant makeup, walk along the streets like messalines, fleshing the Spirit. Spin a web of impulses, poison with flaming flares – this we want give Eternity. We want to be invisible-noiseless, unknown-imperious, supernatural-bewitching. Out of nothing make the world spiritual, out of nowhere extract the miracle.

11. We throw down a challenge to corporal stupidity of the world, conceiving a new existence. The live people will rush after us. Let the dead rot in the pits of the fetid History, in eternal race of Spirit rushing about the Universe. We have not time for retarding and staying in the graveyards of  the mind, oriented corporally.

«I» – futur-almanac of the Oecumenical ego-self-ness. Saratov, 1914.