Vsevolod V. Potapov. Vsevolod V. Potapov.

Birth: 11 March 1964, Bucharest (Roumania).

Current occupation (in brief): linguist.

Main linguistic domains:
the Russian language (Modern Russian; history of Russian; Russian as foreign); comparative linguistics (Slavic & Germanic languages); applied linguistics; sociolinguistics.

Place of work: Faculty of Philology, Moscow State Lomonosov University, Vorobjovy Gory, 119899 Moscow.

Post: senior researcher.

1971-1981 - English secondary school No. 40 (Moscow);
1981-1986 - student (Department of the Russian language), Moscow State Lomonosov University (MGU);
1986-1989 - post graduate student, Moscow State Lomonosov University;
1990 - D.Ph. thesis (Dr.): "Rhythmic organization of non-fiction and scientific language for Czech, Bulgarian and Russian", Moscow State Lomonosov University;
1994 - Goethe Institute (Germany);
1998 - D.Sc. thesis (Dr. habil.): "Contrastive study of speech rhythm in diachrony and synchrony", Moscow State Lomonosov University.Annotation.

Career Positions

1990-1994 - researcher, department of sociolinguistics, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow);
1991-1994 - translator and scientific editor of encyclopedia "Britannica" in Russia (articles on linguistics);
1994-1996 - Humboldt Research Fellow (Institute of Slavic Philology, Julius-Maximilian Wuerzburg University), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany);
1997 - ... - senior researcher, Moscow State Lomonosov University.
1998; 2000 - Humboldt research Fellow (Institute of Slavic Philology, Julius-Maximilian Wuerzburg University), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany).
2003 - ... - scientific collaboration with Institute of Slavic & Speech Studies, Martin-Luther Halle-Wittenberg University (Germany).

Professional Organizations: International Society of Phonetic Sciences (ISPhS); Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (Germany).

Publications: more than 250.

Honors and Awards: ABI (1994-1998);
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany): scientific diploma of Honor (1996);
Moscow State Lomonosov University: Award (1997).


I. Internet-project of the Russian phonetics.

II. Books

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