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The 7.5th European Conference on Formal Description of Slavic Languages, Moscow, December 6–8, 2008



Program of FDSL 7.5


09:30—10:25 Registration
10:25—10:30 Opening remarks
10:30—11:00 Hana Filip
Individuation, Quantification and Aspect
Ora Matushansky
Some Cases of Russian
Željko Bošković
11:30—11:45 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11:45—12:15 Jonathan E. McDonald & Angelina Markova
Variation and Bulgarian Inner Aspect
Pavel Grashchenkov & Ekaterina Lyutikova
Comparative and Adjectival Phrases: What is Richer, Heavier and More Sound
Aritz Irurtzun & Nerea Madariaga
A Minimalist Approach to DP-internal Scrambling in Russian
12:15—12:45 Julia Kuznetsova & Ekaterina Rakhilina
Russian Depictives and Attributives: The Role of the Verb
Eugenia Romanova
Subdeletion Structures as Additional Evidence for Different Analysis of Synthetic and Analytic Comparatives in Russian
Helen Trugman
Modifiers of Bare Nouns in Russian
12:45—13:15 Elena Paducheva
The Diatheses of a Mental Verb: Direct and Parametric
Alexander Letuchiy
Double Reciprocals in Russian: What do they really mean and why
13:15—13:45 Lunch Lunch
13:45—14:15 Olga Mitrenina
The Syntax of Correlatives in Russian
14:15—14:45 Federico Damonte & Jacopo Garzonio
Čtoby and Modality in Russian
Petr Biskup
Prepositional Projections
Sandra Stjepanovic
Left Branch Extraction and Interpretation of Multiple Wh-Questions
14:45—15:15 Elizaveta Bylinina
Depreciative Indefinites: Evidence from Russian
Franc Marušič & Rok Žaucer
Clitic Doubling in a Determinerless Language with Second Position Clitics
15:15—15:45 Natalia Slioussar
Russian Data call for Relational Information Structure Notions
Patrycja Jablonska
On the Source of Parochialism in Case Transmission
15:45—16:00 Coffee break Coffee break
16:00—16:30 Valentina Apresjan
Truth in Russian: Good or Bad?
Konstantin Kazenin
Russian Gapping: Evidence for Deletion
16:30—17:00 Yulia Rodina
A Cue-based Approach to the Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Russian
John F. Bailyn
Out of Control and In a Bind: Weak vs. Strong Derivationality
17:00—17:30 Olga Steriopolo & Martina Wiltschko
Distributed Gender Hypothesis


Each day's cultural program will be announced later.


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