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1. The essence of Art – to produce the unique, unrepeatable emotional action through the transfer in the unique, unrepeatable form the unique, unrepeatable emotional perception.

2. The active, non-abstract love, which can not but be the creative work, – is a single that prompts to the creative work.

3. The manifestation of the creative work, as the manifestation of love and life, is indissolubly conjugated with the movement.

4. The overcoming of the material and forms is the condition of the successful creative work, but not its task and aim.

5. The emotionalism knows impassioned amorousness of an artist into the material of his art is only a way of an emotional world cognition. A professional experience of an artist creates out of this material the form, national and being an imperative for all, for the perception of his world cognition.

6. Having an affair with unrepeatable emotions, minutes, case, person, the emotionalism recognizes only the phenomenality and exclusivity and rejects general types, canons, psycological, historical and even natural laws, considering the law of death obligatory.

7. The divine, intuitive, mad intellect – is a guide-book of artistic thought; logical, scientific intellect  is permissible only in the emotionally modified form, when it , being in essence opposite intellect, but approaching to it.

8. The exit out of the general laws for the exaltation (ecstasy).

9. There is no past or future regardless of our sacred today, emotionally perceptible by all forces of our spirit, –  to which the Art goes.

10. The Emotionalism, got rid and  assimilated all the emotions and thoughts of old West (France, England, Italy), suffering from a spiritual constipate (because evolutions of a spiritual food are similar in all with a bodily food, and it is impossible to begin a new affair, not free from useless garbage), – the emotionalism, a stream of which becomes more wide at Russia, Germany and America, aims at an identifying the laws of the most elementary, seeing in this most elementary the counterbalance to the magnificent forms of the most delectable temptations of Europeanism.

11. Reasoning from the private and unrepeatable, Art  transforms into the Art of all nations of world. The path  back is unthinkable. To suppose that  the common feeling, or common canon, or common low is a starting-point, – this is a senseless crime and lie. Go, extending upward, no narrowing downward.

M. Kuzmin, A. Radlova, S. Radlov, Juri Jurkun.
Abraxas. Ed. M. Kuzmin and A. Radlova.
February 1923. Petrograd.