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The decree about nitschevoki of poetry

1. In the name of Revolution of Spirit

Any poetry which does not propose the individual approach of an artist, does not determine a special world view and an attitude to the world peculiaring only to creative person, does not operate with the inner sense of the phenomena and objects (sense – is the nothing from the point of view of materia too) both a reviewing object and words, and in this moment of the time – from the august of 1920.

To be annulled

2. The persons who were noticed during the spreading the annulled marks of poetry or during the fabricating the Nothing-poetry (The nichevoki`s poetry) are subjected to judgement of the revolutionary tribunal of nichevoki consisting of Boris Zemenkov, Ryurik Rok and Sergey Sadikov.

3. It is time to purify forcibly poetry from the traditional and handicraft-poetic dungy elements of life in the name of collectivization of volume the created elements of universe and the Mask of Nothing. The elements of it for the materialists and the routine idealists do not exist: for them it is nothing. We are the first who excite the bricks of rebellion for Nothing.

We are nichevoki.

4. A focus of the contemporary crisis of phenomena of the world and attitudes to the world of Nichevoki was cleared up: crisis is in ourselves, in our spirit. In the verses this crisis resolves in refining of an image, a metr, a rhythm, an instrumentation, an ending.

(Only one the imagism is a vivid school in the poetry, and  we accepts this method partially). A refining will come art  to zero, will crush it, will lead it to Nothing and  will transform into Nothing. Our aim is refining of verses in the name of Nothing.  To embroider on the verbal canvas the perceptions of an identity and insight of the world, its image, color, smell, taste etc.

So, all the beginnings are from Nothing. The instrument of depiction by means of series n + 1 (where n = the elements of depiction to the moment of time, and 1 = the instrument of new depiction) will bring to an equality: n + 1 = ~, that is the nothing: the aim of endlessness = the Nothing.


5. There is nothing in poetry – only Nichevoki,

6. Life comes to realization of our slogans:

Do not write nothing!

Do not read Nothing!

Do not talk nothing!

Do not publish nothing!


Susanna Mar, Elena Nikolaeva, Aecij Ranov, Ryurik Rok, Oleg Erberg.
Chief secretary; Sergey Sadikov.
Rostov-na-Donu August 1920
The present decree April 17 1921 is signed in Moscow by expressionist Boris Zemenkov, who joined Creative-nich-bureau.
Nichevoki. «Dog's box». Proceedings of Creative bureau of Nichevoki. Issue I. Moscow, 1922.